Sunday, January 29, 2012


Since Leyton wakes up so early, I like to go have breakfast at least one day when we are out of town.  It gets us out of the house and who doesn't love breakfast?  There is a place in North Lake Tahoe called The Log Cabin and since the sign said "Best Breakfast" how could I not try it out!!

Holy crap they are not lying.  This was seriously some of the best stuff I have ever had.  I had a dish called the Cajun Eggs Benedict because it is something that I never order.  I will seriously dream about this dish over and was that good.  In fact I have no picture to even show you because I was 3/4 done with it when I decided I should write about it, but you don't want to see what that plate looked like!

Now, he's the real kicker.  I have quite a few complaints when going out to breakfast with a kid.  When you are dining with a young child the key is keeping them occupied.  I do this with snacks, toys, Sweet N Low name it.  I have said NUMEROUS times that it would be awesome if a restaurant would do two things, see if I know what I want to order for my child when I'm ordering my drinks because chances are I know what he's eating when I walk in the door and two bring out that food ASAP.  Think of it as my pre meal salad.  This does two things.  1.  Keeps Leyton occupied by eating and 2.  Keeps me from having to cut up his meal while mine is sitting there getting cold.  This NEVER happens anywhere we go.  I even at times order early for him and they STILL bring it out with my food.  It drives me crazy.  The Log Cabin did EXACTLY THAT without me having to ask.  As soon as Leyton's pancakes were ready they were on our table so by the time my food got there he was all set.  It was the best service I have ever experienced.  In fact, I tipped the waitress $15 on a $30 bill AND stayed to tell her thank you.

So, if you happen to find yourself near this restaurant, stop and will not be disappointed!

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