Monday, November 07, 2011


Since the day you were born we started looking at you trying to figure out where this came from, who that came from.  You looked like your daddy, but now you look like just like your mommy.  Your daddy is still there though in the shape of your squared off jaw.  In the way your hair grows in a perfect circle giving you a little curl right on the top of your head.

Then there are the things that are all yours.  Things you don't get from anyone.  Things I love and also wonder if you will love when you get older.

When you were first born I noticed your ear.  Your ear lobe was shaped like a little heart.  The doctors said it was called a cleft ear.  They said it was an indicator of deafness.  You passed all your exams with flying colors. We were then told that you had greater chances of ear infections.  You thankfully have not had one yet.  The earlobe has changed as you've gotten older, but I know it's always going to look different.  I hope you love your little earlobe as much as I do. (Man, look at what a peanut you are in this picture!!!)

Your feet are huge!  Now, don't get me wrong, my feet are as well so it's not like it just happened to you.  You are almost 18 months and are in a size 7.  I don't have any other babies...but man that seems like a big foot.  We call them your turtle flippers.  The unique thing about them is the toe next to your big toe.  It's slightly stacked on top of your other toes.  I think this is just going to adjust itself the more your foot grows, but right now it makes for the cutest picture of the bottom of your foot...where it looks like you only have 4 toes.

You are your daddy's boy and your mommy's boy, but you are so uniquely you.  I love every little part of it.

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