Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Shake it oooo.

Many many MANY years ago I started getting the shakes.  I'd say this started sometime in 1997 and at the time, without health insurance, I just chalked it off to coffee and stopped drinking it immediately.  Thankfully, it went away.  Then sometime in 1999 it came back.  I worked for a coffee company, but still did not drink so I really didn't have anything to blame it on.  All I knew was that my hands would shake.  Sometimes while typing, sometimes holding a pen/fork/etc.

Thankfully I had insurance then so I went to the doctor.  Right away he diagnosed it as benign essential tremors.  He gave me some meds and sent me on my way.  Only thing was the meds made me LOOPY, so I went back and for the first time ever the doctor told me this....

"When you get these shakes, have a drink.  If they stop, it is benign essential tremors and you have found a way to treat it without pills.  Come back though if you need many drinks throughout the day."

I laughed, but did just that.  When the shakes do come....I have a beer, a glass of wine...a drink and voila...the shakes stop.

It's been years however since I have had to do this and most of my drinks had nothing to do with eliminating shaking.  Until yesterday.  I was trying to type an email and man oh man did the shakes ever take hold.  It was just happening in my left hand, mostly my middle finger.

So, I had a drink and they were gone.  I'm pretty certain they are being brought on by stress.  I hope they don't stick around long.  I will say I was a little disheartened yesterday when I Googled benign essential tremors and discovered that they removed the word benign...because for some these tremors can be debilitating.  Here's to hoping these never make it that far.

Till then, as the doctor says, "A drink a day keeps the shakes away!"

P.S.  For those coming in for a weight loss update....I'm down 3.8lbs this week and now weigh 226.8.  It's so nice to be in the 220's...but man I can't wait to get out of this ugly 200 number :o)

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Duffy said...

First of all, your Dr. is AWESOME!!!!
Second, that was the craziest, creepiest, most awesome video.
Thirdly, that sucks. I hope you can continue to manage it with a martini.


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