Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Leyton's current obsession.....lights!  Anything that lights up is on his radar and if he knows it lights up, but isn't lit up then you will be listening to the word "ON" over and over and over again until said item is turned out.  The Christmas tree is on a timer and we've learned that we have to make sure it is set to go "ON" later in the morning or it will wake him up if he happens to be sleeping when it turns "ON".

We also have a snowman in the corner of our play room and before his feet even hit the ground after getting out of his crib he is running out to the snowman calling "ON."

It's fun to see Leyton started to communicate.  Sometimes it is a game trying to figure out what he is saying but man this kid can say a ton.  He's even starting to put together strings of words.  Some words are more annoying than others....ON for example.  On the other hand the word cookie and of course I love you pretty much slay me.

Here's to a long month of things being ON.

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