Saturday, November 12, 2011

A fun Saturday!!

Boy has it been a while since this family got out and had some fun on a Saturday!  We woke up bright and early, thanks to Leyton, and decided that we'd go and check out the fish hatchery to let Leyton (and his daddy) see the Salmon.  It was a GORGEOUS day and so nice to be out and about.

 I was a little bummed because they had the gate to the ladder closed so there weren't too many fish making their way up, but man were there a ton in the river and a ton swarming by the closed gate.  In fact, my lovely child decided that he didn't want to wear his bright orange Croc and tried to throw it in the ladder on top of all the fish.  Thankfully it landed on a small walkway, which I wish I had a picture of now.  Most of the time there I spend just letting him run free as there is a ton of enclosed open space there!

Then it was off to Davis to visit the grandparents and have some lunch.  When we got home I had to focus my attention on making a birthday cake for a 1 year old birthday party.  I love making cakes for kiddos, and with Leyton going down for a late nap at 3pm I had a ton of time to make this....

A monster cake!!  This thing is all over Pinterest now and boy does it feel good to finally make something that I've liked on that site!  Hopefully Maddox enjoys his cake tomorrow at his bday...I sure had fun making it!

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