Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Craigslist Etiquette

Do you buy or sell on Craigslist?  Yes!  Then let me ask you this, are you one of those SUPER ANNOYING BUYERS THAT I WANT TO MURDER?  No, oh good!  That could have turned out be an ugly situation.  Since I'm sure there are a couple of you afraid to speak up because murder could be painful I thought I would go ahead and share with you some Craigslist Etiquette.  Think of it as my wish list.

1.  Don't low ball me so much it is an insult.  I get it, it's Craiglist, you want a deal, you came to barter.  Don't offer me $25 for my $50 item though.  $40 would be an acceptable offer which I may or may not take.  If you drop the price in half...I'm always going to say no.  Oh, and don't try to pull the old $25 cash either.  This is Craigslist for gosh sake...all transactions are cash.  You in no way just sweetened the deal.

2.  When I say no, don't insult me more by telling me why I should take your offer.  This makes me want to say yes and then kill you when you come to buy the item.

3.  Don't email me asking if the item is available, make arrangements and then no show.  A text would be sufficient.  I really don't care that you don't want it anymore, but don't leave me hanging.

4.  Don't offer me lower than the price and then ask if I'll drive out to BFE to meet up with you.  In the listing it tells you where I live which in turn means that's where the item should be picked up.

5.  Don't show up to buy the item and then offer me less.  The sale has been made.  Oh, and don't try to be sneaky either with your "I don't have exact change bull shit."  This is not an ATM.

6.  Don't email me just to ask if the item is available and then never reply when I tell you yes.  First off, if it's on CL's available.  Second if you are a scammer who is just trying to get my email address then I really want to kill you.

1.  Remove your items when they sell please.

2.  If you have multiple items for sale, don't put $1 in the price unless the items are actually $1.

3.  Give me a picture of the actual item please.  Showing me the picture from the website when it is new tells me your item looks so bad there is no point in going any further.

There you have it.  Some simple rules I wish people would follow when using Craigslist.  Maybe I will make this a listing and sell it for a $1??  Problem is, everyone would just offer me 25 cents....


Kaytea said...

Not a big seller on craigslist, but my biggest pet peeve is when I email to see if something is still available and I never hear back. It happens all the time. Drives me nutty!

Duffy said...

Craigslist sounds even worse than I imagined. I can't believe you still do it!!


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