Sunday, November 13, 2011

Am I crazy???

Today I took Leyton for a walk and decided to take him to the park by our house for a bit.  Thing is, I have a love/hate relationship with the park.  For one, most everything is still too big for Leyton and yet he acts like it's all just his size.  I feel like I spend my time trying to keep him from trying to slide down the fireman pole more than I do watching him have fun.

The other part is quite frankly, the parents.  I know the park is a place for your kids to play, but I also don't think that means it's a place for you to turn a blind eye.  I see so many parents whose kids are up to no good and they are completely unaware of it.  What bothers me even more are the parents that seem to see what is going on, but still do nothing.  The park has become a place for these parents to just be social with other parents, and they could care less what is going on with their child.  I hope I never get to that point.

Today there were a couple examples I could give of this.  The little kids that got run over or pushed aside by someone bigger and on and on and on.  There was one that just really got to me though.  I came home wondering if I was crazy and just being super uptight??

There were three boys, all around 7.  They were playing together and having a good old time while their parents chatted on the sidelines, but all the while they were singing a song.  Singing a song at the top of their lungs.  Singing a song right in front of their parents who didn't seem to bat an eye.

"ABCDEFG, Barbie (or sometimes Barney or whomever) is my enemy.  Stick a shot gun up her nose, pull the trigger, her head blows."

I get it.  Boys will be boys.  I know I have many many years ahead of me where I am going to hear inappropriate things coming out of my son's mouth.  Thing is, I hope I at least have the decency to tell my son that it may not be the most appropriate song to be singing out in public.

I guess if that makes me the uptight Bitch mom then I will gladly take the crown and wear it with pride because today I didn't want to punish those boys at all.  I sure did want to bitch slap some parents though.


Krista said...

Bitch slapping parents, your not crazy you RULE!

Mark said...

Trashy song.


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