Monday, November 14, 2011

18 Months

Today you are 18 months old.  I don't have a photo of you wearing your 18 month number because, well, you wanted nothing to do with it.  Maybe we can get it tomorrow, maybe we skip 18???

You happened to have your 18 month doctor's appointment this very day as well.  These are the things we learned.

You are OFF THE CHARTS when it comes to height, basically meaning you are pretty much taller than all kids your age.  It is estimated that you will be 6'4" to 6'5".

You are also OFF THE CHARTS when it comes to head size.  I'm not sure if that includes your hair, but thankfully due to your height you don't look like a bobble head!

You have an ear infection.  Your first.  Ironic that I just posted recently about you not having ear infections.  It is in your cleft ear but likely caused by the COPIOUS amounts of teeth you have coming in right now which in turn is giving you mucous from hell.  This explains your mood.

It's been a rough month little dude, I'm not going to lie.  You just haven't been yourself.  You are sleeping terribly at night, your naps are all out of whack.  You are not as happy as your normally were.  You are pushing every limit there is to push and we have started time outs.  You have them daily.  Man when you are happy and smiling though there is nothing I want more in the world then to eat you up.  You are very mommy needy, but then will turn around and slap me in the face.  MIXED MESSAGES!!

The teeth and the ear have a ton to do with this and I'm hoping all are in and you are happy by Christmas.  Either way, I'm sure Santa will bring you more than a lump of coal!


Rain said...

Happy 18 months! :)

Krista said...

Happy BURFDAY lil go make your Mom some dinner! He is adorable how he's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice! :)


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