Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrifty Adventures

This week a trip to Goodwill left me with a pit in my stomach that I still find myself getting a little sad over.  See, I'm a fan of the Peanuts cartoons.  I have a small collection of books that I have found as well as my big score of the entire set of Encyclopedias.  I'm still on the look out for the set of Dictionaries so when I scan books...I look for Peanuts.

I was browsing the kids books and the first thing that stood out to me was what looked like a coloring book.  It was Peanuts, it was old and to my surprise when I opened it...not a page was marked.  It was in EXCELLENT like new condition.  I knew I had to have it.  Then I spotted another, and another and another.  Pretty soon I had a set of 6, each one featuring a different character.  In my mind I had hit the jackpot.  Then I rounded a corner and there it was on the end cap.  Someone's collection of Peanuts.  There were easily over 50 books, there was another set of Encyclopedias, there were more coloring books.  The list of items went on and on and on.  Sadly, I knew that as much as I wanted to...I could not take this home with me.  I wanted it sooo bad, but it would have totaled over $100 and I just wasn't willing to drop that kind of cash.

So, I picked the items that I liked the most.  I kept my 6 coloring books, picked up a Paint With Water book which I'm most certain I had as a child, the book Charlie Brown's Super Book of Things to Do and Collect, two (still in their wrapper) Color and Recolor books which I have never seen before and a 1979 week by week book with the most amazing pictures in it!  What was most amazing to me was the condition of everything.  It was perfect.  Not a page marked, not a corner ear marked.  This was a collection that someone loved.

It made me sad I couldn't take it all home to give it the love I felt it deserved.

What did you find this week?  Have you ever not bought something that left you with a hint of sadness?

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! But, at least you got a few cute things :)

I know that feeling exactly...during my Nomadic living I would frequently find an amazing pair of boots on sale or exactly the kind of bedset I have dreamed about but couldn't buy it because at that point everything I owned I had to carry around to a new place every couple weeks!


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