Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A successful transition!

I'm two weeks into Weight Watchers and the transition is going great.  I'm down another 4.2 lbs for a grand total of 25.2lbs.  Some of this may be attributed to being sick and not always having the greatest appetite, but for the most part I have stuck on the plan and stuck with the points.  I will say that JC was exactly what I needed to get a jump start, and now it feels so nice to have more flexibility and eat normal foods.  I do feel temptation, but have been good at keeping on track.

I also had something really exciting happen this week!  As a heavy girl it was so disheartening when the tall boots came into style because they would not zip over my calf.  It was always so sad to know that not only can I not wear the clothes that most can wear...I also couldn't even wear the damn shoes.

This weekend I went shopping with Mom and decided to give a knee high pair of boots a go.  Damn if they didn't zip right up and damn if I didn't wear them that very night over a pair of jeans!!!

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JaymiPop said...

Looking fantastic!!!


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