Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not going to hide.....

This is the day I would typically hide.  This is the day that I would just tell you about the cute curtains that my mom made and pretend like nothing else is going on.

Today I went to WW and have gained 3.2 lbs this week.  That's a BIG gain.  A big gain I am not going to hide behind.  I know what I did.  I know I ate out a ton.  I know I didn't track a damn thing.  I know I almost ate my weight in Mexican food last night and sucked down a big old margarita.  I knew it was all happening and I did nothing to stop it.  I could give you all the reasons why I didn't stop it, but none of it really matters because this is not going to be the only time it happens.

When I woke up this morning I knew it was weigh in day.  I thought to myself, "Oh...I'm just not going to go.  I'll go next week when my friend starts up with me."  Then I had a thought that I would go and afterwards would pick up a quick breakfast on the way to the office, which just means I'm picking up fast food.

When I walked into WW I took off all my jewelry and used the bathroom first.  I knew well that no amount of jewelry or pee was going to undue what I had done that week though.  After weighing in the leader said, "What I am proud of is that you are here.  Most just hide these weeks and then we're lucky to get them back."  It was then that I realized it was a shitty week.  A shitty week that I don't have to repeat this week.

So, instead of getting fast food I walked into Trader Joe's next door and picked up an apple, some edamame, a salad for lunch, a yogurt and a breakfast bar.  Then I sat in the car and put all the food that I knew I would eat into my tracker.

While I'm not going to sucks.  Thing is, I'm not going to feel any better if I live in denial and pretend like it didn't happen.  So, here's to making this week a better one!


Morgan said...

Proud of you Stacey. Way to go! You are a strong woman! Great start to your week. Looking forward to hearing how awesome your visit is next week :)

DeeDee said...

Falling off the wagon just means you can get some activity points running behind it trying to jump back on. LOL! It's a long process and you WILL get there. I have been a WW member for 7 years and have been a Lifetime Member for 4, but its been a roller coaster of ups and downs because lets just be honest...that's life. Hang in there Stacey and don't beat yourself up. You are worth it!


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