Saturday, October 15, 2011


Thursday evening we left for an impromptu trip to Monterey so we could take Leyton to the aquarium and get away for an anniversary trip.  As soon as everyone got home, we packed up the car and headed to our hotel in Carmel.

That was when the trip from hell started.  Leyton got FURIOUS in the car on and off (mostly on) for the last hour.  The screaming was beyond anything I have heard from him in a long long time.  It finally took us pulling over, me getting in the back and playing Dr. Stringz on repeat to keep him subdued.

Once at the hotel it took a bit to get him to go down and it was waaaay past his bedtime, but finally around 11pm he fell asleep.  Then he woke up screaming, at 12pm, 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am and a full wake up at 6am.  There was a point when I had him in a stroller at 2am pushing him in circles around the hotel in the empty streets of Carmel.  Needless to say I got about 2.5 hours of sleep...maybe.

I sucked it up in the morning though and we headed to Monterey.  A day that ended up being wonderful!  Leyton absolutely loved the fish.  He was in awe, he laughed, he pointed and gasped at every turn.  He went and went for a couple hours and then crashed and burned before we made it to the area for kiddos his size.  All said, through the tears and the sleepless night it was a wonderful day that I will never forget!

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Kerri K. said...

Your boy ( and you! ) experienced what I call a "Monterey haze". Seriously, every time I go back there, as soon as I see the dunes I decompress. How can you not? Maybe Leyton was just getting the routine out of his system so when he visited the fish he could really take it all in, and enjoy it all. I'm glad you all got to escape there for a while.


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