Monday, October 24, 2011

I got Boo'd!!!!

This morning when I left the house I found a Halloween bag on my porch.  My first thought was a friend had dropped something off for Leyton.  Then I opened it....

I got Boo'd!

Basically it is chain mail of the non stupid variety!  There were some wonderful goodies inside of my bag and in it was a letter telling me I had been Boo'd and I needed to Boo two more neighbors.  Once you are Boo'd you put a sign in your window so you don't get Boo'd twice.  What a fantastic idea!

I seriously sometimes feel sad that I don't live in a neighborhood like I did growing up.  Although we moved a bit, each neighborhood was filled with kids to play with, streetlights that indicated when it was time to play inside and neighborhood parties.  This Boo made me realize, I could have that neighborhood and maybe there are other neighbors wishing for the same thing!

1 comment:

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

What a fun idea - I know some people locally would be into it, and others just wouldn't get it at all. I'd love it though.


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