Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Down down down.....

This week was a bit of a tougher one for the old weight loss, but I came through successfully!  Down .8 lbs.  I had my mom in town and so there was a little more eating out, picking up yogurt, making cookies, etc. etc. etc. It was nice to see that even when there are more temptations I can allow myself to have some without things getting out of control.  This means I'm down a total of 26lbs!  I'm happy I made the transition to WW when I did as I think I would have gotten burnt out if I stuck with JC too much longer.  It was exactly what I needed, but man the box food does get boring.

I also got a little shopping in and was able to purchase pants and shirts that were three sizes smaller than I used to wear!  I can even shop in the non-plus clothing for my shirts now.  That my friends, is exciting stuff!!

For this weeks face picture I gave you just a little smile.  The thing is...I don't think my face looks as different when I smile...all the chub kind of pushes together.  When I'm not smiling though I am starting to see the cheekbones that have been hidden for so long.  Trust me though, I'm smiling a lot more these days than I have been before this journey began!


Stacey said...

Congratulations! 8 pounds in one week is awesome!!

Pastor Perry said...

Thank you for sharing and allowing me to come into your world. I would like to be a blessing to you each and everyday. Please share my site with your friends so I may be a blessing to them as well. You can visit me at


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