Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thrifty Adventures

Another quiet week here for me at Thrifty Adventures.  For me going thrifting is like a disease sometimes.  I catch it and no matter what I do I can't keep myself out of a thrift store.  Then all of a sudden, I'm over it.  Maybe it's because I stock up on too much stuff, maybe I just get tired...I'm not sure.  The past couple trips I have taken have either resulted in bringing nothing home or just finding one thing.  Last week I found a Ball canning jar.  Just one.

This week I was just about to leave the store and spotted the cutest little owls.  They looked like a set of shakers I once got for Kate and I knew that this little figurine would look wonderful in Miss Getty's room.  So, this is my only thrifty find this week!

1 comment:

HammBone said...

It's all or nothing for me. I come out with nada or a bag full of crap. Rarely is there an in between. I love the owls. You can't go wrong with those.


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