Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrifty Adventures

This weeks Thrifty Adventures are a little different because my thrifty find was not at a thrift store.  My thrifty find was at Target!  I was making my usual trips for toiletries and such and noticed that there were staff members ALL OVER the store with pricing guns, which could only mean one thing....mark downs!  I decided that since I was alone and had tons of time on my hands I would walk the entire store to see what Target had to offer.

My first score was in the back to school supplies where I got Bill a backpack for $9 (for fishing trips) and some composition note books for 10 cents!!!  I was also scoping the store for any Missoni items that might be left just so I could see if I understood the hype.  There were items, and I still don't get it, but whatever.

This took me to the bedding area where I noticed an entire aisle with 70% off bedding.  Both our room and Leyton's room needed new bedding and I am SOO happy that I scored something for each of us!  We are still working on giving Leyton's room a boy look with an outdoorsy appeal.  I found this brown plaid set that included sheets, skirt, comforter and shams for just $12!!!  It works perfect!

Then, I thankfully spotted one that would look great in our room.  It included a Cal King comforter, shams and skirt for $22!!!!  I mean seriously, I couldn't find that cheap at Ikea!  I also decided to FINALLY do something with our gigantic family portrait so it is now proudly hanging in our bedroom and I have to say I love it in there!

I've decided to stop using Linky Tools for these posts.  To be honest, while some of you are reading, no one is playing along anymore and it's kind of a hassle.  So, if you find something good will you kindly leave a comment??  I still love seeing your thrifty finds!

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Celeste said...

I LOVE your family portrait! It's absolutely adorable :)

My thrifty finds..not from a thrift store but today one of my local shops had a deal where if you buy one pair of shoes the second is half price so I got some great winter boots :)

And of course I went to my farmers market and got a pile of fresh veg very cheap :)


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