Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seeing the thinner me.

This week was tough.  If I would have given you a JC update on Wednesday night I would have told you that I hated this program and that the people that think this food tastes good are seriously out of their minds.  Now, a week later I know that was a speed hump.  It was a speed hump that I normally hit and then get out of the car. This time though, I pushed that damn gas pedal down and took the speed bump Dukes of Hazzard style.

Here's the thing, do I always like the food....no.  The food is really quite good, but there are these shelf stable foods that sneak in sometimes and I literally want to throw them at the wall.  I learned early on that I didn't like them, but some new food was released this week and damn it if the Thai Curry Chicken didn't sound awesome.  Truth is, I wouldn't even feed it to the dog.  JC does such a good job at making their frozen foods taste fresh, much better than a frozen meal you'd buy in the grocery store.  On the other hand their shelf stable entrees leave a WHOLE LOT to be desired.  

The week got better as I went along and then yesterday I decided to try on a pair of jeans that I haven't put on since, oh, 2007!!!  Guess what?  They fit, and this picture gave me all the extra motivation that I needed.

Know what else?  On this terrible week in which I wanted to take my JC food to a shooting range more than I wanted to eat it....I lost three more pounds.  I am just a couple ounces from a 20lb total weight loss.  Damn, that feels good.  

There are parts of my body that I can see again.  Not that they look great, but now that we are being reintroduced hopefully I can make them look better.  Clothes fit better.  I have more energy.  Also, my c section scar does not hurt at all.  It used to hurt.  If it wasn't hurting I could still just feel it.  Now it's like it's not even there.  

I can't wait for what the future holds!  Here's a face comparison of week 1 compared to week 6.  Not too shabby!


Angela said...

Yay! So proud of you! :)

Melissa B. said...

I remember when I did JC when I was 23 and wanted to get thinner for my wedding. It worked mainly because I couldn't eat their food. :/
Glad you are sticking with it!!

momma j lee ♥ said...

Awesome! Good for you for sticking with it and being so close to your goal!


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