Monday, September 19, 2011

My Boy

This weekend we met up with our good friend Morgan so Leyton could have a little photo session with her.  She hasn't taken his picture since the wee age of 3 know, back when we used to be able to just sit him down somewhere and he couldn't get away!  Now, taking photographs is pretty much like workout.  It involves a lot of chasing, redirecting, lifting in the air, singing songs, followed by more chasing.

I've only seen a snippet of the wonderful pics, but let me tell you THEY ARE WONDERFUL PICS!  It is funny how sometimes all it takes is a photo for me to sit in awe at the fact that this little child is mine.  The fact that his daddy and I made this beautiful child still baffles me.

Thanks Morgan!  I'm loving the pictures!


Rebecca said...

Stacey - he is a beautiful little boy. I can see why you are sometimes in awe of him!

momma j lee ♥ said...

The photos are sooo cute!!!! What great models :)


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