Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Me and J.C.

A while back I got a little crazy.  Got a little crazy and told everyone what I weighed in an effort to do something about it.  Then, what's even crazier is I DID do something about it....for a couple weeks.  For a couple weeks I paid attention and then I threw in the towel and did nothing.  Here I thought telling you all would motivate me, but I came to realize in that time that if I was doing this it was for myself.

Yes, I want to get healthier for my son.

Yes, I want my husband to think I'm sexy again.

None of those reasons are good enough though.  I need to get healthier for me.  I need to find myself sexy again.

So four weeks ago I did something crazy again.  I found J.C.  No, I didn't find Jesus Christ.  I didn't find J Crew....I found them long ago and fit into nothing there.

I found Jenny Craig.

I'm sure some of you know her or have at least heard of her.  Let me give it to you in a nutshell.  Jenny is food in a box for fat girls like me that need to lose weight but don't necessarily have the time or energy to figure out a meal plan on our own.  Look, I know how to eat healthy.  I've done Weight Watchers so many times that I can tell the point of something on smell alone.  For me points got boring.  Points take time and right now...I'm no good at math.  On the other hand I know that Weight Watchers is a terrific program.

I turned to Jenny because I needed a little more help.  I needed someone to just give me the food to eat so I wouldn't have to think about it for a while and could reset my system.  I'm not sure how long I will stick on the program until I switch to more of a WW style, but it doesn't matter.  I will know when I'm ready and right now, I'm not ready.

In finding Jenny Craig 4 weeks ago, I have lost 13.2 lbs and have no intentions of finding it.  I didn't want to put it out there and tell everyone right away because I needed to get a little time on my own in, find my groove so to speak.  Now I'm ready, ready to share with the world all 10 readers again my weight loss journey.  I weigh in on Tuesdays so I figure each Tuesday I will let you know how it went, let you know what I'm loving and hating, and show you a picture of my face.  I'll do a body shot later, but weight loss shows well in the face.  So I started the program at 255.2 and am now 242lbs.  I have a looooong way to go but I am already feeling the difference.

So, welcome to my journey.  The picture above is the face shot thus far...starting at week one (I forgot to take a starting face pic) and ending at my weight in today for week four.  Apparently the last two weeks I've been a fan of hats!


momma j lee ♥ said...

Wow .. you look great :)
(Not that you didn't before) I feel you on this. I've been trying too loose weight for awhile now and with a baby and hectic schedule I've been slacking.

Keep up the great work!

Roseanne said...

You look great! Keep it up!


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