Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I Love Hats!

I absolutely love hats.  I love wearing hats, love hats on men, other woman, kiddos, etc.  When Leyton was a wee beast he loved wearing hats.  Now, it is impossible to get him to keep a hat on his head.  We try over and over again in hopes that one of these times he will just leave it.

He has a coon skin hat that he got for Christmas and lately he's been interested in putting it on.  Part of it is we clap and cheer when he leaves it on his head.  At first he would leave it on for just a quick moment, then bring it to us again to be put back on.  Slowly he is leaving it on longer and longer.

Last night I was able to put my hat on him and get him to keep it on for a while.  I was even able to get a picture.  Man oh man, there are times when I take a picture of Leyton and fall in love with him all over again and this is one of those pictures.

I know all moms say this, but he is truly a gorgeous child.

P.S.  I swear that my child does wear clothes.  It's warm in Sacramento right now and typically when I pick him up when I get off work we go outside for some water time in which I let him be naked as a jay bird.  Always seems like the best shots come out of those times!!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

He's a real cutie. My youngest loves hats, but mainly dress up ones. We went out for lunch the other day and he insisted on wearing a knight's helmet throughout...

momma j lee ♥ said...

Hahaha... so cute!
Nathan used to love hats, or not mind them being on his head, now he hates them :(


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