Monday, September 12, 2011


It is very clear that my son loves music.  He dances to music, he listens to music, he will only watch a show while the music is on and then couldn't care less.  He also has taken to singing.  A couple months back he started humming his ABC's or Twinkle Twinkle depending on how you interpret it.  Thing one had been singing this to him recently so he just pulled it from his archives and it became his favorite song.  Around the same time he took a liking to Old MacDonald and would sing along, but never in the right spot.  The other day, he nailed it and thankfully I had my phone handy so I started rolling the video.  Only problem is I didn't want him to see me recording or see my phone because then he would stop singing.

That said, this is likely going to be soo cute you are going to have to watch it more than once.  To balance the cuteness out what you are looking at is the paint cracking on my dirty front windowsill which is now clean thanks to this video pointing it out!


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Duffy said...

EIEIE, SO cute!!!!


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