Monday, September 26, 2011

Christmas Shopping

I get a ton of catalogs in the mail.  There is typically something on my porch every day and with the holidays months away just around the corner they will only start coming in even bigger volumes.  The other day a new catalog showed up that I had never seen before.
The catalog was ABC distributing and from the looks of the cover I just knew that I could find Christmas presents for everyone on my list this year and wanted to help you as well! 

First for all the people at the office, how about some candy.  Who wouldn't love a M&M mug full of candy that they can eat in one day and then later fill with dusty paperclips!

Then for those that love to cook you could go with something trendy and fun!  No, not a cake pop mold, that was so last year...instead we have a Whoopie Pie mold!  I mean, because who would have thought that those aren't just two cookies pushed together and that you'd actually need a special pan to make them!!
Maybe you have a lady friend in your life and you need something truly special.  Maybe that lady has seen countless commercials for pajama jeans, but is just a little afraid of what they are really going to look like.  She loves wearing your jeans, so why not go with the Boyfriend version of pajama jeans...they truly speak for themselves!  Don't believe me?  Well at least from the description she will know that she can wear them long or rolled.  Women can't be trusted to figure out those small details on their own.

Oh wait, you are likely a woman!  So perhaps you need something for that special man in your life!  Then look no further my friends because this catalog has pajama jeans for him as well!!!

Nothing says, "I love you" like a pair of tattered pj's!  You can go ahead and thank your lucky stars too because you have not just one version to choose from, but TWO!!!  Don't think the standard torn jeans are enough?  Well, then why not go for the faux boxer version!!

Abs not included ladies, abs not included.
Happy Shopping!!!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said... guys across the pond are so LUCKY! I'm not sure we have pyjama jeans yet - yet alone with additional 'rude boy' boxers attached. How attractive. That said, we do have the slanket - thanks.

JaymiPop said...

Haha! We got that catalog in the mail too. I so want those pajama jeans, but Tom would make fun of me so hard!


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