Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrifty Adventures

This week is a gooooood one!! I've been wanting to do a thrifty find makeover for some time, but just didn't have that perfect item to do it with. Then I found this.I got this little owl lamp at the Goodwill on Arden Way for $3. I had no idea if it worked, but I bought it anyway because it was worth a shot.

Kate recently gave Getty a big girl room and so I knew that this lamp should be a part of that room, but not looking how it looked. Solution....a can of spray paint! I choose a light blue/aqua color and got to spraying.

I was so pleased with how the owl came out! Looks like a modern new item now. Oh, and the real question at hand....It works!!!

Have you found anything good this week? If so, link up and let me know!

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