Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

I took a week off so I could get ready for Hoot the Grid, but I'm back! Did you know yesterday was National Thrift Day?! I did, after my visit to a thrift store!! It was a good one at that. Of course I found books for Leyton, I always find books for Leyton. I also found clothes for myself and that is a MUCH RARER find. I'll be doing a whole post about clothes and thrift store shopping very soon.

For the time being, my favorite find yesterday was at the Goodwill on Arden.

I'm bringing sexy back to thrifting with these heels! I was so hesitant to buy them because I rarely wear heels anymore. Then I thought, they are $5 and they are comfortable....I'm going for it. I must say, I'm feeling a little bit naughty with these on today! Meow!

What did you find this week? Link up and let me know! Next week, I'll be featuring a fantastic thrift store make over that I've been dying to show you.

1 comment:

momma j lee ♥ said...

ohh... i like the heels! very hot!


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