Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 17

On The Shelf

I wanted to take a picture of a shelf with some meaning. Something I could tell you a story about instead of just blah blah blah, here's a bunch of junk on a shelf. It was then that it dawned on me!

On this shelf you will find, the one plant that I can always make grow....bamboo! Give me some of those lucky bamboo sticks and I will turn them into a huge plant, it's my green thumb. Then there is a picture of Ron Swanson that I got offline because the hubby loves him and well, it's hilarious. Then there is a ceramic figure that has been in my house for as long as I can remember (meaning my mom's house before mine).

Oh wait?! You are probably thinking, "Yeah Stacey, a bunch of random shit...get to the chicken."

See the chicken (or rooster actually) is a good story. When the hubby and I first moved in my roommate Kim was still in the house. She was showing us all the good things she got at a garage sale and my then boyfriend asked her if the chicken cookie jar was still there. She didn't recall seeing a chicken cookie jar and so we decided that the next morning he and I would walk down the street to see if they had the cookie jar so he could buy it and put it in the kitchen. Problem was, when we to the garage sale it turned out that it was not a cookie jar at all but a taxidermy chicken. We asked the price and the old man, who likely did not want his wife selling the item in the first place hollered out $20. Well, I bought it.

Thing was we were having a party that night and that chicken ended up the best guest of the night. Everyone at the party was given the task to take a picture with the chicken in some manner. We ended up with someone riding the chicken, someone kissing the chicken, someone licking the chicken, someone feeding the chicken "Chicken in a Biscuit" while covering it's eyes....the list goes on and on.

Kim and I were SO EXCITED to see the pictures the next day that we rushed them to the one hour photo and paced the store till they were finished. When we went back to pick them up, and gave them the name the checker got a horrible look on her face. As she was ringing us up, she simply said, "I have to ask...what were you guys doing to that chicken."

To which I quickly replied, "Oh no, it's actually a dead chicken!" As if that answer was going to make everything better in this poor checker's disturbed mind.

Needless to say, we still have the chicken and it was the best $20 I have ever spent at a garage sale.

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