Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 10

Something I MadeI'm a crafty girl. I have made a ton of things in my life. I've made things that I love, I've made things that I hated. Up until this week I had never made anything that was as emotional as what you see above.

This is my piece for the Hoot The Grid - SMA Awareness Walk and Art Auction. It is filled with photos of those affected by SMA. They might have SMA 1-4, they might be carriers.....they might be you!! SMA is the #1 genetic killer of young children and 1 in 40 people are unknowingly carriers. Unknowing until they are delivered the message that their child will likely not live past their 2nd birthday.

These are the faces of SMA. Look at them and then look at yourself. Isn't it time to find out if you are a carrier? All it takes is a simple blood test. If you plan on having children I can't stress how much more important that test is!! Let's put an end to SMA.

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Jenna Kelly-Likar said...

I came across your blog while searching SMA. I lost a cousin to the dreadful disease in 1993 and I'm now watching a friend of mine fight day in and day out for the life of her 13 month old daughter. Diagnosed at 4 months with SMA Type 1. I'd love to share her story with you. Maybe you could blog about this families struggle. If interested, please contact me @

Thank you,


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