Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hoot The Grid

This evening was Hoot the Grid. It is why I have been a bit absent on the blog, and why I'm actually posting this on Tuesday. Not sure why I always have to confess that, but play along. While I love all the events I help out with for the Getty Owl Foundation and obviously have a huge place in my heart for crafts, this was by far my favorite event. I seriously loved every part of it. I loved the scavenger hunt for owls that the walkers participated in. I loved the artwork submitted by the families (and can't wait to show you the piece I bought!) It was a beautiful event and I returned home with such warmness in my heart.

Thank you to AJF for letting us hitch up in your salon for the night, thank you to The Honey Agency for being the sexiest and hardest working bees I've ever know and thank you to everyone that helped raise awareness. Don't forget, I'm having a contest and giving away a $50 gift card, it's running until the end of the month....don't miss out!!

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