Friday, August 05, 2011

First Camping Trip

Today, we got home from our first camping trip with Leyton! The hubby and I love to camp and have been wanting to go, but I think were both a big nervous. I mean, what is there to be nervous about? We have an almost 15 month old, tons of dirt and rocky terrain, a crazy dog and wildlife.

Let me start by telling you what my three worries were.

1. Napping and bedtime. Would Leyton be as easy to go down in a tent? At home it's rather dark in his room, but with a 7:30pm bedtime there was no way for it to be dark camping.

2. Would he be loud and crying all the time, thus disturbing our neighbors?

3. Could I keep him warm at night.

We left Wednesday, and by Thursday afternoon my only worry was, "How much more of going up and down this hill can I take before I strap this child down?" That said, camping was fine. It was not the relaxing camping that I'm used to, but seeing how happy Leyton was outdoors made me happy. I let him play in the dirt, I let him frolic around, I did not worry about each and every item he put in his mouth...I just let him be a kid. OK, so going up and down the slopped hill got to be a bit much, especially for a mommy that got sick the day we were leaving but I wouldn't trade it for the world.Note to self: next time take a stroller and mittens!!

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