Sunday, August 14, 2011

15 Months Old

Here is what I can say most, you are a little boy. As much as I try to pretend you are, I know you are not my little baby anymore. Sometimes I try to hold you like a baby and you laugh and squirm and wiggle away.

We call you "Gigs" most of the time and I think you know that is your name as much as Leyton is. It's amazing to see how much you learn each day and what a thrill you get out of doing something new. Last week your dad taught you how to hand us stuff into our hands. Each time you do you follow it up with a little happy dance. I actually do a happy dance myself because I'm not getting pelted in the head with books anymore.

There are so many words you say now I couldn't possibly make a list. Sometimes you say something only once just to be a mocking bird, other times you come out of no where with something and shock us all. Your favorite song to sing is the ABC's. You sometimes hum it, sometimes try to say the letters, and other times sing it to the word Mama.

You are such a happy little guy! You can be a pest when it comes to eating and are very particular about what you like and don't like. Our biggest struggle is baths. You want to go in the bath but once you are there you immediately want out. Funny thing is you like water in every other sense and love spraying yourself and drinking out of the hose. I should learn my lesson and just give you a bottle of shampoo outside.

Oh heavens that hair. It is the stuff dreams are made of. It is what gets you more attention than anything else. Those big soft locks, that perfect hombre two tone color. I would give anything to have your hair! It's starting to get long but there is no way I can bring myself to cut it!!!

I love you little dude.

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Melissa B. said...

This makes me wanna cry. You are so blessed to have him and he is so blessed to have you!
Can't believe how big he is getting!
Love, Love, Love his curls!!
I wouldn't cut it either!
But, you know, I might be partial to curls! ;0)


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