Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This week was pretty simple. In all honesty, I made one thrift store outing and found NOTHING. Big fat zip. It was probably a good thing based on all my good scores last week. You have to balance things out some.

So, this week I had to fall back on something that I got a couple weeks ago and forgot to show you. When I was on a weekend trip to Tahoe there happened to be a Flea Market happening just down the way from where we were staying. Since Leyton wakes up so early I thought it would be the perfect excuse for us to get out of the house!!

I must say this was an INTERESTING flea market. There were definitely a couple cute things, but the crap was in full force. All I walked away with was a mug.
This little guy cost me $1. I liked that it was ceramic, had a mustache and had a little drinking area on the top.
Which I know all cups have a HUGE drinking area on the top, but this one has a "special" area.

Also, doesn't he look like a snarky Mr. Pringle?

What did you find this week? Link up and let me know! Also be sure to check out Katie Jean and see what she is up to these days!!!


amy said...

i bet it's for dudes with a mustache--keeps it clean while they drink.

ladychiara said...

amy is correct. It is a moustache cup.
Very collectable I believe. :)


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