Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!!

Can you believe it is a Thrifty Adventures Thursday and I'm actually POSTING on a Thursday?! Man oh man do I have some scores for you this week. I had two excellent thrifty trips and while I didn't take pictures of everything I got....I do have some favorites to share with you. This is going to be a photo heavy one, so hang on!

To start I very rarely find clothes for myself on trips, and even more rare that I find shoes. Shoes are weird. I don't mind wearing second hand, but I also have VERY high standards for the condition they need to be in. If they look like smelly feet once lived inside then HELL no! This week I found this amazing Keds and a WHOLE ton of stuff for Leyton!

I mean seriously, how cute are these shoes?! Not sure how I feel about the two laces though...I feel a bit old for it honestly!

Next up we have some toys. This old Ernie will definitely go in a store if I ever get around to setting one up, but I am growing quite fond of my old Sesame Street collection thus far! The dump truck on the left is made by Green Toys and retails for $28. It's in mint condition and I got it for $1!!!! I also scored some wooden food for Leyton's new kitchen, a Fisher Price football and a roller toy made of wood that is also in excellent condition.

Then we have some completely random items. This candle holder I thought had a great bulky look to it and I think it will look even better painted. What color is the question? The other item is a leather drink coaster that says "Adams." It's my mom's last name so I will be sending that one her way.

OK, so even more randomness. There were two girlscout vests that I couldn't pass up because I loved the patches on them. The other vest is a horse theme and I thought it would be fun for dress up if Leyton ever wants to be a cowboy. The books are from Time Life in 1974 and are all a sewing category. The covers are each a unique fabric and I also found some cute Holly Hobbie'ish fabric. The books and fabric are for my friend Katie Jean, whose site you should be checking out too!

Finally we have some additions to my Fisher Price collection. The school house I owned was in EXCELLENT condition but was missing the bell. Well guess what? I found JUST the bell!!! How perfect is that? I also found this cute desk.That rounds out the finds I wanted to show you. I also got about 10 various children's books, a shirt for myself, a Calphalon pan in perfect condition, an edger for my husband when he does the lawns, a Superbowl knit hat from 1985 and a tube for Leyton to crawl through which he loves. All these finds are from a combination of the Goodwill Outlet and Thrift Town. I can tell you I spent a total of $40 and considering that just the dump truck would cost me $28 regularly I think I did pretty damn good!

What did you find this week? Link up and let me know!!

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