Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh iPhone....

Did I tell you I got an iPhone? Well, I did. I never thought I needed one and now I can't imagine my life without one. They are disgustingly addictive and I'm sure at some point I will need a support group that will help me get off Words With Friends at 11pm at night, giggling when I get to play the word Fart and Sex.
Anyway, the other addiction I have....the one that makes me crazy and almost hate myself. I love Instagram. There, I said it. Man how I cursed all you people and your hipstamatic photos. I saw so many of them I wanted to barf. Then everyone moved to Instagram and ugh, quit it already! Now I am one of THOSE PEOPLE. I can't get enough. I can take a simple picture and make it look so much more delicious.

I mean, come on...look at how adorable this is?

In fact, it's so adorable I've been thinking about adding another weekly feature. You know, one that I likely won't stick with so does it really matter. If I do it, I will be joining the hoards of other bloggers who are doing in and then I will really hate myself. So, do you want to see a weekly post of my favorite pics or will it make you barf?

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