Friday, July 01, 2011

Fresh Paint

I have had some painting on my to do list lately, and because I hate painting...I have myself a good inexpensive painter that I hire when I need some work done! Yes, I know that this is something that at this point my landlord should be doing....but I would rather pay someone a MILLION dollars than contact her to work out the details.

The kitchen has not been painted since we moved in and to say it looked disgusting is an understatement. It was also a boring cream...well boring dingy cream at this point. I wanted something cheery and fun, so went with a yellow. Now I just need to make some curtains and it will be PERFECT!

We also are ready to give Leyton a boyish room. Something he can grow into. We decided to go with a camping/outdoorsy theme, but at the same time will be very simple and understated. I don't like it when things are over the top "themey." This is going to be a slowly but surely project and it only made sense to start with paint. A grey blue to look like the nighttime sky was the choice, which also helped darken the room up. Leyton LOVES sleeping in a dark room.

Overall I am so pleased with how things came out and can't wait to add more items to the room!

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