Monday, July 25, 2011

Eating Out

So yeah, it's actually Wednesday. Sunday I was supposed to give you a recipe from my Grandpa's cookbooks and I only just took out the cookbooks yesterday (Tuesday), so obviously I'm way behind. Life is crazy and crazy crap is going on and I'm just going to leave it at that. Deal with it, you can't know everything about me.

Let's just pretend it is actually Monday and move on!

Can I give you an update that I have been taking care of myself better the past week!! Meaning, I have showered EVERY DAY, I have done my hair EVERY DAY and gotten out of pajamas EVERY DAY! Yeah for me! I am still so very very happy that I cut my hair, it was the start of everything. I even found some cute clothes at the thrift store and now look like I have new outfits and yet only spent about $5.

So, the plan this week. The next step. Eating out. We eat out quite a bit. I probably pick something up for dinner twice a week, grab lunch almost every day at work. Ridiculous in both the amount of food and the amount of money. So, this week starts the cutting back on eating out. I'm not stopping cold turkey and instead going to limit a one night a week food pick up and a one day a week lunch pick up. I'm also going to allow a one night a week yogurt pick up because it is summer and frozen yogurt is delicious!!

There is one thing I am stopping cold turkey on though and that is fast food. It's been ugly lately since I pick up lunch so much. So when I do pick up lunch once a week, it will be something better for me than McDonald's or Burger King. They are seriously not my friends and are not doing anything for me!!

Wish me luck, now...let's get back to Wednesday already. Having two Mondays is frightening!

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