Saturday, July 02, 2011

Dillon Beach or BUST

This weekend our friends were camping at Dillon Beach and asked if we wanted to come and visit. We figured....why not?! Since we aren't taking a big summer vacation this year, a couple day trips are going to be a must.

The day started out WONDERFUL, but almost a little weird. Leyton got up at 7:30am. He never does that. He is always up at 5am on the dot. When we got to Petaluma we stopped for sandwiches and I thought he felt a little warm, but chalked it off to the car ride.

We got to Dillon Beach and it was wonderful! Leyton was playing in the camp ground and got lucky during the parade and scored a ton of candy that he couldn't eat and some necklaces. Then we decided to walk down the beach and loaded Leyton up in the wagon. The weather was warm, but there was a breeze. When we got to the beach I noticed that Leyton was shivering and put a sweatshirt on him. He was so happy sitting in the sand, but it didn't last long. We loaded back up and headed back to camp and within minutes our happy boy was out.After a nap and lunch he barfed. A camping neighbor let me borrow a thermometer and his temp was 102.5, so we loaded up and headed home. He barfed again, which is SUPER fun in the car!!

What a lovely and terrible time all in the same day!

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