Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can I ask you a question??

Some of you out there reading this might be tech savvy right? I sure hope so because I have questions for you. There are three things boggling my mind right now. Three things that I can't figure out. I will give them to you in order of importance.

1. Blogging from iPhone
How do I do it? Can I create posts from my phone? Is there an App for that, I mean there is an App for everything right? This would make blogging SUPER easy when I'm traveling and away from a computer.

2. Google+
What the hell is it? I'm a member, I keep getting added to circles and I just simply don't get it. Will it make more sense once people start using it more and anyone can join? Is it really going to move me away from Facebook?

3. Spotify
Umm, I love that I can type in the name of a song or an artist and pretty much listen to anything I want at anytime. On the other hand, it sells itself like it's a place for me to access all my MP#'s from any computer...and that's just not happening. When I'm at home it accesses the MP3's I have there (but won't let me play them) and when I'm at work all the stuff from home is gone. Am I not understanding how this service works?

I need myself a techy nerd, please help.


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