Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back In School

I recently became a member of the Blogher Publishing Network. This is something I have wanted to do FOREVER. What does it mean? Well, I'm not completely sure because I am a newbie but I know it will include the opportunity to review products and possibly have some giveaways. It also means you will see some advertising on my site for BlogHer, which I encourage you to check out when you see something interesting!

One of the options I was given was doing Book Reviews which I thought would be super fun. The only thing is...I have a one year old, and received the book with just less than two weeks to read it. Can I just tell you I feel like I am at school again with a deadline to finish my book report?! Made especially difficult by the fact that I'm just not enjoying the book much? Oh well, I must press on and get this thing done by Saturday so I have a day to write my review. That translates to it will likely get finished 30 minutes before it is due because that's how I roll.

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