Friday, July 29, 2011

A night out!!!

Last night I had a night out with the girls! Which means I'm running on three hours of sleep today, but I tell ya it was worth every moment.

The Damnwells were playing in San Francisco so we hoped in the car and headed out to see the show and say hello to Alex. I think I was as giddy as a school girl to be going out to see some live music by an artist that I adore!

Of course, he did not disappoint! His band that night was Harper Blynn and they were soo good. I took a ton of photos and had to record one little video of a song that you already should know that I love.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This week was priceless for Thrifty Adventures. In fact, I dare say that I won't ever get as good of an experience or memory. While at Deseret Industries I found a vintage book of Sesame Street sheet music for $1. My Mother in Law was a concert pianist and I knew I had to have it and take it to her. I just couldn't wait for her to play some of the songs for Leyton.

She plays the song roughly the first round to get a feel for it and then really gets going. I myself sat behind her weeping for many different reasons. What I can tell you is this is by far the best $1 I have ever spent in my life.

What did you find this week? Link up and let me know!! Also check out Katie Jean to see how her new shop is coming along!

Can I ask you a question??

Some of you out there reading this might be tech savvy right? I sure hope so because I have questions for you. There are three things boggling my mind right now. Three things that I can't figure out. I will give them to you in order of importance.

1. Blogging from iPhone
How do I do it? Can I create posts from my phone? Is there an App for that, I mean there is an App for everything right? This would make blogging SUPER easy when I'm traveling and away from a computer.

2. Google+
What the hell is it? I'm a member, I keep getting added to circles and I just simply don't get it. Will it make more sense once people start using it more and anyone can join? Is it really going to move me away from Facebook?

3. Spotify
Umm, I love that I can type in the name of a song or an artist and pretty much listen to anything I want at anytime. On the other hand, it sells itself like it's a place for me to access all my MP#'s from any computer...and that's just not happening. When I'm at home it accesses the MP3's I have there (but won't let me play them) and when I'm at work all the stuff from home is gone. Am I not understanding how this service works?

I need myself a techy nerd, please help.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Kid - Prepare Yourself

I recently became a member of the BlogHer network and got to participate in their Book Club Reviews! I was given the task of reading The Kid by Sapphire, the follow up book to Push. Let's just say that this was the most difficult book I have ever read and if not for a looming review deadline, I'm not sure I would have finished it. You can read my full review here! Thanks BlogHer for letting me participate!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh iPhone....

Did I tell you I got an iPhone? Well, I did. I never thought I needed one and now I can't imagine my life without one. They are disgustingly addictive and I'm sure at some point I will need a support group that will help me get off Words With Friends at 11pm at night, giggling when I get to play the word Fart and Sex.
Anyway, the other addiction I have....the one that makes me crazy and almost hate myself. I love Instagram. There, I said it. Man how I cursed all you people and your hipstamatic photos. I saw so many of them I wanted to barf. Then everyone moved to Instagram and ugh, quit it already! Now I am one of THOSE PEOPLE. I can't get enough. I can take a simple picture and make it look so much more delicious.

I mean, come on...look at how adorable this is?

In fact, it's so adorable I've been thinking about adding another weekly feature. You know, one that I likely won't stick with so does it really matter. If I do it, I will be joining the hoards of other bloggers who are doing in and then I will really hate myself. So, do you want to see a weekly post of my favorite pics or will it make you barf?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Eating Out

So yeah, it's actually Wednesday. Sunday I was supposed to give you a recipe from my Grandpa's cookbooks and I only just took out the cookbooks yesterday (Tuesday), so obviously I'm way behind. Life is crazy and crazy crap is going on and I'm just going to leave it at that. Deal with it, you can't know everything about me.

Let's just pretend it is actually Monday and move on!

Can I give you an update that I have been taking care of myself better the past week!! Meaning, I have showered EVERY DAY, I have done my hair EVERY DAY and gotten out of pajamas EVERY DAY! Yeah for me! I am still so very very happy that I cut my hair, it was the start of everything. I even found some cute clothes at the thrift store and now look like I have new outfits and yet only spent about $5.

So, the plan this week. The next step. Eating out. We eat out quite a bit. I probably pick something up for dinner twice a week, grab lunch almost every day at work. Ridiculous in both the amount of food and the amount of money. So, this week starts the cutting back on eating out. I'm not stopping cold turkey and instead going to limit a one night a week food pick up and a one day a week lunch pick up. I'm also going to allow a one night a week yogurt pick up because it is summer and frozen yogurt is delicious!!

There is one thing I am stopping cold turkey on though and that is fast food. It's been ugly lately since I pick up lunch so much. So when I do pick up lunch once a week, it will be something better for me than McDonald's or Burger King. They are seriously not my friends and are not doing anything for me!!

Wish me luck, now...let's get back to Wednesday already. Having two Mondays is frightening!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This week was pretty simple. In all honesty, I made one thrift store outing and found NOTHING. Big fat zip. It was probably a good thing based on all my good scores last week. You have to balance things out some.

So, this week I had to fall back on something that I got a couple weeks ago and forgot to show you. When I was on a weekend trip to Tahoe there happened to be a Flea Market happening just down the way from where we were staying. Since Leyton wakes up so early I thought it would be the perfect excuse for us to get out of the house!!

I must say this was an INTERESTING flea market. There were definitely a couple cute things, but the crap was in full force. All I walked away with was a mug.
This little guy cost me $1. I liked that it was ceramic, had a mustache and had a little drinking area on the top.
Which I know all cups have a HUGE drinking area on the top, but this one has a "special" area.

Also, doesn't he look like a snarky Mr. Pringle?

What did you find this week? Link up and let me know! Also be sure to check out Katie Jean and see what she is up to these days!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recipes Needed

Our garden is finally in full bloom thanks to the heat. Mark that down too, that's going to be the only time you EVER hear me thanking the heat.

Everyday it seems there is a new zucchini that was not there the night before! So far I have put shredded zuch in spaghetti sauce, Leyton's food, a chicken well as making bread in the bread maker that called for zucchini. I have a feeling though I'm going to need more options!!

What is your favorite zucchini recipe? Do share!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


There have been times in my child raising life thus far in which I want to take all the tips and advice I have received and cram it where the person's sun doesn't shine. Sorry, but sometimes as a "new mommy" all of the "old mommies" come out of the wood work with every piece of info that you never wanted to know. Thus, the reason I did not read maternity books either.

Here's the thing. Now I have changed my mind and I want some tips. I need some advice. Some good old recommendations and things to try.

My son is a picky eater.

Feeding a child is probably one of the most complex and confusing things that I have ever experienced. It starts from the very beginning. In fact, when Leyton was in the womb the only panic baby dreams that I had were about feeding the baby. In the dream I realized that he was already a couple months old and I had not fed him yet. Of course in the dream I just grabbed the bag of food, read on the side how much a two month old eats, and then poured it in to a glass. I mean, feeding a kid was going to be just like feeding a dog right?

Then I had him and guess what? My milk didn't come in for over seven days. Of course I was panicked and stressed out because oh my god, breast is best! Breast is the only way! Formula evil! Nipple confusion, nipple confusion, nipple confusion. Oh and then, once my milk DID come dried right back up within a month. Of course, I was a failure. I was the poster child for a bad mommy on every Lactation Consultant's "Losers that don't breast feed" sign. Then I realized, fuck just DOESN'T work for everyone.

So, when Leyton started eating real foods I decided I was going to do him right! I was going to make all his food myself. No store bought glass jar would ever cross his lips. I was going to make sure it was fresh and out of my kitchen, and I did just that. Oh, he got the occasional squeeze pouch of organic stuff but his food was all whipped up from scratch in my fancy food processor.

Then he started to eat food with his fingers and guess what?! That little sucker decided that he didn't want to eat all the things he had eaten before. He decided that if he was going to put it in his mouth than damn it...he was going to pick and choose what went in there. Those lovely green beans, peas and sweet potatoes that he so loved before. Nope. That new crazy product called "rice" that you are sure he will love. Nope, feels to funny in his hands and therefore is not going into his mouth. The shade of green? Hates it, unless it is an avocado and then and only then will he make an exception. Oh, and don't try to trick him by putting it on a fork or spoon and feeding it to him because he will eat with HIS HANDS ONLY. Also, seasonings are disgusting so don't even think about trying to make it taste better with a little butter or dash of salt.

There you have it. All this hard work and my son is a sucky eater. Give him a carb and he will carbo load likes he's training for the Iron Man, but don't and I mean DON'T try to give him a veggie or that is going straight to the floor ie: Whisky.

Please help.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to Me

Since having Leyton I will admit that I have given up on myself a bit. The most common phrase I use is that I just don't have the time. When I think about it though, it's not necessarily just that. If I really wanted to do more for myself then I would. What is comes down to is that if I have two free hours, most of the time I want to spend that with Leyton. I don't want to spend it on my hair, my make up, my clothes, etc, etc.

Here is where the problem lies. I feel like shit. Now, don't take that the wrong way and start mailing me self help books or anything like that. I guess I should more appropriately say I don't feel pretty. I feel frumpy. I feel washed up. I feel 100% MOM and 0% MILF. I also can't believe I just wrote MILF on my blog and I hope my grandmother has no idea what that even stands for!

So, I decided that it's time to get back to me some. It's all going to be baby steps and those are what I am going to share with you on Mondays. Sometimes it might be about clothes, sometimes make up, sometimes my weight, sometimes health, etc, etc. The thing is, it will be about me. About making myself feel good again. Making myself want to sing out "I feel pretty."

The first place I started was with my hair.
Since roughly 2006 I have more or less been growing my hair out and/or keeping it long. I think I started to feel like long hair meant girly, long hair meant pretty. When in fact, I think I hated it the whole time. I loved it long because I could put it up and hated it long because all I ever did was put it up. I looked at long sexy hair and thought I would eventually have that if I just waited a little longer. Thing was, it just kept getting longer and I kept feeling less and less sexy.

I hit Facebook with this picture and asked people what I should do.

Boy was the feedback diverse! I had just as many keep it longs as I did cut it short. The comments came out in full force and yet I was no closer to a decision than when I started. So, I started to really listen to me. This is what she told me (or I told myself).....cut it. While I want sexy hair, I am never going to spend the time it takes to make it look like sexy hair. My hair takes almost 45 minutes to blow dry and that is not time I am willing to spend on hair. It was time to get hair that could be styled in less time and still look sassy!

Thankfully, I listened to myself and the outcome is this.

I love my hair! I wash it and style it every morning and damn it, I think it looks cuter than it has in a long long time! Here's to taking the first step to get back to me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!!

Can you believe it is a Thrifty Adventures Thursday and I'm actually POSTING on a Thursday?! Man oh man do I have some scores for you this week. I had two excellent thrifty trips and while I didn't take pictures of everything I got....I do have some favorites to share with you. This is going to be a photo heavy one, so hang on!

To start I very rarely find clothes for myself on trips, and even more rare that I find shoes. Shoes are weird. I don't mind wearing second hand, but I also have VERY high standards for the condition they need to be in. If they look like smelly feet once lived inside then HELL no! This week I found this amazing Keds and a WHOLE ton of stuff for Leyton!

I mean seriously, how cute are these shoes?! Not sure how I feel about the two laces though...I feel a bit old for it honestly!

Next up we have some toys. This old Ernie will definitely go in a store if I ever get around to setting one up, but I am growing quite fond of my old Sesame Street collection thus far! The dump truck on the left is made by Green Toys and retails for $28. It's in mint condition and I got it for $1!!!! I also scored some wooden food for Leyton's new kitchen, a Fisher Price football and a roller toy made of wood that is also in excellent condition.

Then we have some completely random items. This candle holder I thought had a great bulky look to it and I think it will look even better painted. What color is the question? The other item is a leather drink coaster that says "Adams." It's my mom's last name so I will be sending that one her way.

OK, so even more randomness. There were two girlscout vests that I couldn't pass up because I loved the patches on them. The other vest is a horse theme and I thought it would be fun for dress up if Leyton ever wants to be a cowboy. The books are from Time Life in 1974 and are all a sewing category. The covers are each a unique fabric and I also found some cute Holly Hobbie'ish fabric. The books and fabric are for my friend Katie Jean, whose site you should be checking out too!

Finally we have some additions to my Fisher Price collection. The school house I owned was in EXCELLENT condition but was missing the bell. Well guess what? I found JUST the bell!!! How perfect is that? I also found this cute desk.That rounds out the finds I wanted to show you. I also got about 10 various children's books, a shirt for myself, a Calphalon pan in perfect condition, an edger for my husband when he does the lawns, a Superbowl knit hat from 1985 and a tube for Leyton to crawl through which he loves. All these finds are from a combination of the Goodwill Outlet and Thrift Town. I can tell you I spent a total of $40 and considering that just the dump truck would cost me $28 regularly I think I did pretty damn good!

What did you find this week? Link up and let me know!!

14 Months Old

Today my boy you are 14 months old. Your picture captures EXACTLY what 14 months looks like.
A. Totally ignoring whatever mommy wants to do.
B. Having your back to me since that is typically what I am chasing after.

You are very independent, but also love your snuggle time. You started walking really well in the last month and now spend over 95% of your time on your feet. You are a good walker too, only clumsy when overly tired or cranky....and boy oh boy can you get cranky.

You are a picky eater, and I cannot for the life of me get a vegetable in you...except for the occasional carrot. I try not to worry about this, but deep down I feel like it's making you malnourished and is somehow going to backfire.

You've started to say Mama more and have a fondness for calling out Mama or Dada like you are in another room and need us to come get you....when in actuality you are right next to us. One of your new favorite words if fishy, which sounds more like ishy, and you always make sure to point at the fish when you are saying it so we are not confused as to what you are talking about.

Your favorite things to play with right now are still cars and then random things you can swing around like the play broom we found at a garage sale. You do try to sweep th
e floors though so mama feels like she is teaching you well. You are still so fond of your daddy and it's so much fun watching the two of you together. I think you already know he is a total goof ball and you have fun being a goof ball right there with him.

Mama loves you little goofball! Maybe next month we can look at the camera though??

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back In School

I recently became a member of the Blogher Publishing Network. This is something I have wanted to do FOREVER. What does it mean? Well, I'm not completely sure because I am a newbie but I know it will include the opportunity to review products and possibly have some giveaways. It also means you will see some advertising on my site for BlogHer, which I encourage you to check out when you see something interesting!

One of the options I was given was doing Book Reviews which I thought would be super fun. The only thing is...I have a one year old, and received the book with just less than two weeks to read it. Can I just tell you I feel like I am at school again with a deadline to finish my book report?! Made especially difficult by the fact that I'm just not enjoying the book much? Oh well, I must press on and get this thing done by Saturday so I have a day to write my review. That translates to it will likely get finished 30 minutes before it is due because that's how I roll.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogging and Life

Oh no, just by that title I can already tell that I have set myself up, or perhaps you up, for a lengthy post. Then again, maybe this will be the best post ever?

Lately I haven't been as into blogging. The funny thing is I hate when bloggers write about how they don't feel like blogging. So, I'll just keep it at that and tell you that I'm going to keep it going. I scared some people with word that I was going to SHUT ER DOWN. The crowds (two people) spoke though and therefore I will keep on writing. I just think I need to have more structure on the blog. Days where I know exactly what I'm going to write
about so I at least have a plan for some of the week. With Leyton it's much harder to fly by the seat of my pants.

Here is my plan of attack. Monday I will be devoting to me. I mean, that's what we are all here for right? I started writing about getting healthy and was telling you all my weight and putting it all out there and guess what? My fat ass is just still sitting out there doing nothing. I've let you down. I've let me down. So, I'm going to get back on working on me on Mondays. Thursdays will continue to be Thrifty Adventures and I PROMISE you that I will post them on Thursday instead of waiting till the weekend to get around to it! I have so much waiting in the winds to show you!!! Saturdays are going to be devoted to a recipe.
I brought up a while back that I was given all my grandfather's cook books before he passed. I want to make a family recipe album so I'm going to make one item a week and feature it on the site. I'll tell you if it's good or bad and will share the recipe with you.

Of course that leaves Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday which will likely be filled with this.....

No, he won't take up all days but it's impossible to not talk about him some of the time!!! What this all means is I might not have a post for everyday. It's what I needed in order to get this blog going, but now I can see that it isn't always going to work out and I need to give myself the leeway. That way if I haven't blogged in a couple days I don't feel like throwing in the towel!!

There, that wasn't so bad was it?! Oh by the way, this will all start next Monday....except for Thrifty Adventures which is on track in a couple days!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Daniel Boone

Sometimes the only thing you can wear with a coon skin hat is a diaper.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Way to Sack Up

This weekend our friend Mike (aka Chaust) did The Death Ride. This ride takes place in the Tahoe area and consist of 5 passes, 15,000' of climbing and 129 miles. Needless to say it is LONG and HARD (that's what she said..bwahahahaha.)

Mike finished and we were all super proud of him when he did!!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thirfty Adventures

This weeks Thrifty Adventures takes us to Craigslist. I've been scouring Craigslist for some time in search of a kitchen for Leyton. He loves playing with one at Kayla's house. I knew I wanted wood and thus created the problem. Almost every kitchen on CL is plastic, and those that are wood are very expensive or VERY beat up.

Finally, I found one!!
It even has a fridge and some food that came with it! I love when I take my time and find the perfect item at a perfect thrifty deal.

What did you find this week? Link up and let me know!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Save Kayak Jack!!!

Someone in our neighborhood has a great sense of humor about a shitty situation!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sick Babies

Leyton was very sick all day today. His temp was around 103, and could only be kept at bay with Tylenol or Motrin. It was very difficult to get him to drink and what he did eat ended up on the sofa, floor and rug. I now know that there is nothing harder than seeing your child sick. I felt hopeless, sad and scared...even though I know it's likely just a stomach virus.

Right now Getty is in the hospital. She has been in the hospital for a week now. Kate and Mark have watched her go through MUCH more difficult things than I have seen happen with Leyton. They have watched medical professionals almost kill their child. They have been told that they are not allowed to give her any treatment while in the hospital. They have been running on fumes and doing everything they can to ensure that their daughter comes home. They are dealing with things on a level that I will never, nor should any parent EVER have to deal with.

While I am sad for my son and want him to get better and seeing him sick tugs at my heart strings like no other, I find inspiration in Kate and Mark. They are truly the strongest people that I know and I only wish that if put to the challenge I could step up like they have.

So, here is well wishes to all the sick babies out there!!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Dillon Beach or BUST

This weekend our friends were camping at Dillon Beach and asked if we wanted to come and visit. We figured....why not?! Since we aren't taking a big summer vacation this year, a couple day trips are going to be a must.

The day started out WONDERFUL, but almost a little weird. Leyton got up at 7:30am. He never does that. He is always up at 5am on the dot. When we got to Petaluma we stopped for sandwiches and I thought he felt a little warm, but chalked it off to the car ride.

We got to Dillon Beach and it was wonderful! Leyton was playing in the camp ground and got lucky during the parade and scored a ton of candy that he couldn't eat and some necklaces. Then we decided to walk down the beach and loaded Leyton up in the wagon. The weather was warm, but there was a breeze. When we got to the beach I noticed that Leyton was shivering and put a sweatshirt on him. He was so happy sitting in the sand, but it didn't last long. We loaded back up and headed back to camp and within minutes our happy boy was out.After a nap and lunch he barfed. A camping neighbor let me borrow a thermometer and his temp was 102.5, so we loaded up and headed home. He barfed again, which is SUPER fun in the car!!

What a lovely and terrible time all in the same day!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Fresh Paint

I have had some painting on my to do list lately, and because I hate painting...I have myself a good inexpensive painter that I hire when I need some work done! Yes, I know that this is something that at this point my landlord should be doing....but I would rather pay someone a MILLION dollars than contact her to work out the details.

The kitchen has not been painted since we moved in and to say it looked disgusting is an understatement. It was also a boring cream...well boring dingy cream at this point. I wanted something cheery and fun, so went with a yellow. Now I just need to make some curtains and it will be PERFECT!

We also are ready to give Leyton a boyish room. Something he can grow into. We decided to go with a camping/outdoorsy theme, but at the same time will be very simple and understated. I don't like it when things are over the top "themey." This is going to be a slowly but surely project and it only made sense to start with paint. A grey blue to look like the nighttime sky was the choice, which also helped darken the room up. Leyton LOVES sleeping in a dark room.

Overall I am so pleased with how things came out and can't wait to add more items to the room!


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