Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Finds Part Two

My second purchase of the day was from Nerdy Dog! I was lucky enough to visit the Nerdy Dog shop before the craft fair to drop off some posters and post cards so I got a chance to scope out items I was interested in. I knew right away that I would be getting Whisky a new collar. One that would make him look like the sophisticated goof ball he is.

I present to you the necktie collar! Doesn't it just make him look smarter? I mean he totally doesn't look like a dog that would eat his own poop now does he?!

Then Caitlyn of Nerdy Dog had to go and make dog bones that look like mustaches. I mean, I had no choice but to pick some of these up! If you have a dog, pick them something up from the Nerdy Dog website by clicking here. If you are local go and visit them at their super cute shop on 1118 19th St. Sacramento, CA 95811.

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