Saturday, June 25, 2011

Treasure Island Flea Market

Today Kate and I decided to head to the Bay Area to check out the new Treasure Island Flea Market. We loaded Leyton in the car and headed out! The start was rough. We saw a pack of dogs mauling another little dog and Leyton barfed all over himself in the car. A terrible smelly barf that lingered for the rest of the drive.

We didn't give up or let it get us down.

We arrived and all the worries were gone. First of all the place is gorgeous!! I haven't been to Treasure Island before, and boy do I know I will go again. The weather was also gorgeous. Once we started walking around it only got better.

The flea market was a perfect combination of crafts and vintage items. I'm just going to touch on my crafty items because I want to save the vintage items for Thrifty Thursday! I got both of my crafty items from the same booth!

The first was a sign to hang in Leyton's room with none other than his name!
They had a ton of different styles of each letter and you could customize it however you liked. Kate got one too for Getty and both came out soo cute.

The same booth also had greeting cards and I just about died when I saw this one.
I got a couple more which I can't share yet because one is a gift for my buddy Carol Browne. To top it off they have gourmet mobile food trucks parked there so once you are done shopping you can have a DELICIOUS lunch. I opted for some garlic noodles, oh man, sooo yummy!!

All in all it was a great day. If I had found nothing it would have still been made perfect by getting Kate to model this hat!
This happens each month on the last Saturday and Sunday and next month is free admission so I highly recommend you go check it out!

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