Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday Funday!

Yesterday I got to take a half day off work and can I just say what a FUN day I had! This weekend Nascar is at Infineon Raceway and the car haulers paraded through the streets of downtown Sacramento. The hubby, kiddo and I had lunch first....with a delicious Sangria I might add! Then we headed down the street to watch the trucks roll through. Leyton did not like it at first because they were all honking their horns. Once I moved away from the street and found a nice place in the shade he loved it. Plus, with my new phone I was able to get some fun shots of us together!
After Leyton napped I decided to take him on his first trip to the pool. I love the water and I have been so hopeful that Leyton would too. The fact that he hates baths was making me nervous though. Well, this baby officially loves the water!!! He splashed, stuck his face in and just had a great time. I can't wait to go back again!

I officially deem yesterday as Funday!!

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Kayla said...

Yay funday! Thanks for letting us join you guys for the pool portion! Your underwater bubble blowing was pretty impressive!


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