Monday, June 06, 2011


When we had Leyton we weren't sure how our dog Whisky would react. He has always been a really nice dog, but he is a BIG DOG so there is always the fear that he will just plow over the child any chance he gets. When we first brought Leyton home, Whisky was a bit depressed. He was jealous for sure and just didn't understand what this new screaming being was. Then slowly but surely it happened. He made it a point to be next to Leyton any chance he got. While part of it was being where we were, part of it was also an obvious attachment to our child.

Now, these two are already pals like none other. Whisky has always been a dog that doesn't fetch. He loves having a ball and he loves "tease" dropping it for you. The
problem is he plays the game of "who is going to get it first." Most of the the loser ends up with teeth marks. Not with Leyton. With Leyton he drops the ball, let's Leyton pick it up and then goes after it and brings it back after the small throw.

Why wouldn't he? This is also the hand that feeds him goodies all day long. Every meal time includes hand outs to Whisky and laughter when Whisky takes the food. Their new favorite thing...laying on the g
round together. Last night Leyton even put his head down on Whisky for a moment and gave him a forehead kiss before bed. Nothing warms my heart more. These two are buddies for life.

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