Thursday, June 09, 2011

Oh no, here she goes again!

I do my best to keep my blog upbeat, keep it fun, try to make you laugh, just be a regular old goofball. At the same time I also try to keep it real. I let you know what's going on in my life and occasionally that means I vent. I mean, things aren't great all the time you know?! ha! So, let's get started.
This is my house. I have lived here for 11 years. I love my house. I take care of my house. I also rent my house. Yes, I have been a renter of the SAME house for 11 years. Some might call that crazy, but I just don't have any urgency or strong desire to own a home. I've seen so many own homes and have either had to walk from them or are completely upside down in them and so I just don't see the appeal. I pay my rent and call it a day.

It's not always that simply though. What comes with renting a house is a landlord. We will call my landlord Martha because, that is what we call her even though that's not her name. She is a nice woman that means well, but lord can this woman make me bat shit crazy. So crazy that the easiest way for me to deal with her is to just avoid her. What that means is I live with things. I live with a window that has been cracked since I moved in. I live with an oven that gets dangerously hot on the outside. I live with mold that at times grows on the walls. Sometimes it's just too difficult to deal with her and so I either take care of things myself or just live with it.

Now let's get to the point. The point that will give you an insight into why she might drive me bat shit crazy. Let's see that picture again shall we?
There it is again, my house. Yesterday I received a call. A call from Martha letting me know we had an issue and need to talk about it to come to a conclusion about the issue. That issue is her disappointment at how the yard looks. Umm, are you shaking your head yet? Here...I'll show you the picture again.
Yep, there is that shitty yard that we don't take care of. The one that she might have to hire a gardener for and raise our rent unless we can come to an agreement about it. Do you see it? If so, let me know, because I don't have a fucking clue what she is talking about.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she doesn't like the NASCAR flag?

katie jean said...

maybe she has you confused with someone else?? maybe she just needs a BIG hug!

Eleza said...

I vote she's crazy. The yard is mowed and looks the same as forever the time i've known you and darling Whiskey :)

momma j lee ♥ said...

Oyi ... I'm with everyone else, your yard seems fine to me! Maybe she's just trying to find an excuse to raise the rent.

JaymiPop said...

You're hilarious!

ladychiara said...

OMIG I can't believe she is serious! Can you ask for specifics about what it is exactly that she wants you to do that she feels you 'haven't' ? I'd tell her that you feel there must be a mistake.Your yard looks fine to me.Hope it all turns out to be a terrible misunderstanding.

Duffy said...

Let her know that you'd be happy to plant some flowers when she deals with the mold and oven....those things are crazy dangerous!!!!!!

But honestly, I think she must be confusing your yard with another house she rents out....


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