Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mr. Grizzly

When Leyton is cranky I mostly refer to him as "The Bear." I might murmur other things not quite as nice under my breath, but being a bear seems as nice as possible. So let me just say that for the past week AT LEAST we have been living with a bear. I'm not sure what is going on. There is a part of me that thinks it is teething because that DAMN TOOTH has NOT COME IN YET! At the same time, part of me thinks his stomach is bothering him. He's pooping much more than usual and let me just be honest...his poop smells like terrible barf. He's been on milk for over three weeks now so I don't think it's the milk and really the upset tummy could just be blamed on teething. Or, he's just going through a stage.

Here's the problem. The child goes from being a complete happy angel to a COMPLETE bear. This includes having major tantrums. If anything gets taken away from him, and right not TONS of things are getting taken away from him, he screams, cries, throws himself to the ground, gets on his knees and slaps the ground and more. He is hitting, he is biting and he is just all around looking for trouble. He whines, he cries, he yells and then two seconds later he is happy as a clam. It's a very fine line between happy and complete melt down.

I'll be honest, I have no idea what to do. At a year old, how do you discipline a child? How do you tell them no? How do you let them know they are hurting you when they bite? I've tried redirecting, I've tried ignoring, I've tried saying "No" and absolutely nothing is working right now.

This mommy needs help!


hapi said...

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Creepy Glowbugg said...

Yep! Sounds like "teething diaper" to me! We could smell that thing from the other room! Probably explains the mood swings too. Remember getting yor wisdom teeth in? Good luck! Just hang on and enjoy the ride! See ya next Saturday!

Duffy said...

Most people don't think you can "reason" with someone so young, but I beg to differ. First, I try to avoid the tantrum in the first place (who doesn't right?) but usually we can figure out what's going to make them explode....for instance taking away their toys will.

So before you take the toy away, I recommend getting down on their level and insisting that they stop and look you in the eye.....or at least are close to face to face and listening. I would talk calmly, not angrily because kids mirror our mood. If we are mad and frustrated, they will continue to be mad and frustrated.

Explain to them why you are going to take the toy away, or what they are doing that's not ok.

Follow up quickly with explaining the correct behavior and how they will be rewarded when they do it the correct way. Rewards don't have to be candy-ish....can be simple as playing with crayons, going outside, etc.

I'm not saying you can't be stern. Hitting and biting are pretty bad behaviors, but I would make sure you have their attention and follow up the ending with showing you love them.

Even if it's teething, they can't be acting up! Kate teethed for 7 months before the first tooth poked through! It was ROUGH.

Anyway, final thought is, ignoring bad behavior is the worst way to handle it. It only makes them act worse to get your attention and/or causes them to think they can get away with it.

How's that for advice!? You probably think I'm crazy!!


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