Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Craftiness!!!

Well, my craft fun didn't end on Saturday! I woke up Sunday morning and remembered that the farmer's market was taking place under the freeway so I took off with Leyton to go and buy some produce. After we got all our yummies I then remembered that there was a new craft fair/flea market happening in Sacramento on the 4th Sunday. If you've been to the antiques under the freeway on the 2nd Sunday then the group that does that is now doing a craft fair/flea market in the same place.
It was super early when we got there, but they let us come in anyway and we checked out what booths were set up. There was a ton of stuff I liked but I limited myself to one purchase, a floor pillow from Rusties Granny Pet Beds!
This thing is GORGEOUS and is filled with plastic bags. Can I just tell you it is soooo comfortable?! We added it to our play room so we have another pillow to lounge on while we play with Leyton. Not only that but Paul and Tamina were just about the nicest people I have ever met. I hope to get them at a GETty Crafty sometime!

So, if you are local, be sure to go and check out the Sacramento Craft and Flea next month!

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