Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I hate cars.

Have I ever told you I hate cars? I mean I get it, I need one. It gets me from here to there. It allows me to take fun trips. It gives me freedom. That doesn't mean I have to like all that goes into it though. Gas is expensive, regular maintenance is expensive, insurance is expensive, car repairs are expensive, registration is expensive. It just goes on and on. I figure I put more money into my car than I do my child and it doesn't even hug me and kiss me goodnight each day.

Today I took my car into the shop. It will likely be very expensive, especially since I am writing how much I hate it. See, my car does that shit just to spite me. Here's to hoping that I won't have to sell myself in order to get it operating correctly.

In case you too need to vent about your car, I found a website in which you can do just that. Boy there really is everything online these days.


Morgan said...

I feel the EXACT same way about cars...Ironically enough I am working at an auto shop for the summer...I wonder if my relationship will improve or not...

wasabi said...

i also hate cars, a lot! but i hate them beacause of the pollution, so i don't use them or ride them, save the planet (and your money) and ride a bike or a chuckwagon

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, my English is poor.
I also hate the car.
Hope that the people of the same idea will increase.

Anonymous said...

I hate cars for 101 reasons they are bad for the environment for carbon emissions they are expensive for repairs and insurance their value decreases the second you start driving a lot accidents happen with cars in fact every 1/10 people are in car accidents drunk driving pisses me off so much I will not go there and btw the way and 16 in drivers ed practically failing so that is another reason I do not understand how people are so casual and relaxed when they drive I am like I am really stupid I can can not grasp onto this everyone can drive and farther more text and drink and drive I can hardly drive decently with my full attention driving takes all my energy. I can not concentrate on my mirrors and the gas pedal and the turn signal at the same time Jodi I hope you read this so enjoy my car hatred because loving cars is is how you make a living and honestly I hope none of your family members die or get seriously injuries from a car ....seriously


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