Friday, June 10, 2011

Chia Pet

When Leyton was born he had a pretty good head of hair. In fact, it looked just like this.

When it got wet, it surprisingly looked like this.Then it started to fall out, only it was growing as fast as it was falling out. The new hair growing in was lighter and straight as a board, giving him what would be know as his "Baby Donald Draper" hair style.As he gets older, it gets curlier and curlier. What we discovered is after a hot day in the sun and a little bit of sweating the hair looks like this.Now he looks more like a stoned surfer and I LOVE IT!


JaymiPop said...

Such a big boy now! They grow so fast!

Duffy said...

Fess up! You gave him a perm! He's so freakin' cute!!!


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