Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

Hello! Welcome back to Thrifty Adventures!! It's late here, but I'm getting my Thursday post in. Sorry for the slacking the past couple's been hectic here in Thrifty land.

One of the reasons was there was family in town for my son's birthday. The Queen Bee of thrifting Mom! My Mom has always been a lover of the thrift store. I knew when she arrived that I wanted to take her to a couple of my favorites. We made it to The Goodwill Outlet first where I found these great wooden apple bowls!I have a collection of wooden serving items that I got for my wedding and these bowls fit perfectly! There are actually three of them and I'd wager that all together they cost 75 cents. I have already used them at the big birthday party.

The next trip was to Thrift Town, where my Mom found this great quilt. I actually don't know what it cost, but she got a wagon for Leyton for his b-day and though it would be good in there. I dare say, it is perfect!

My mom and I thrift in two totally different ways. I'm a scanner. I can walk in and see something from across the room. My mom is a seeker. She can look through each and every single item till she finds the perfect ones. What kind of thrifter are you? Do you scan quickly or spend time in the thrill of the hunt? What did you find this week? Be sure to link up and check out Katie Jean to see what she found this week!


Michelle said...

I love carved wooden bowls. I have a few shaped like leaves. I LOVE the apple shaped ones! I also really love the quilt. There is just something about patchwork quilts that scream love and comfort. Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)

katie jean said...

You know I have to look at every little thing at the thrift shop!! and I just love your wooden bowls.

JaymiPop said...

Those apples are amazing! I too am a scanner no matter where I'm shopping. I just don't have the patience to search through everything...I look for the big picture or for pretty fabrics or prints. My mom is like yours, she once spent 6 hours at Ross! 6 HOURS.


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