Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This week on Thrifty Adventures I'm going where I haven't gone before....clothes. Clothes are not something I get often at thrift stores. Well, I get stuff for Leyton quite a bit but I really have to be in a certain state of mind to want to sort through the clothes. This means I rarely have the patience to shop for clothes for myself.

I went to Deseret this week and first found this adorable outfit for a little girl! I know, I know...I have a boy. I got this for that store, you know the one that Katie and I are going to open on Etsy if I get my butt in gear! Anyway, look at the detail on this cute jumper! For $2 I had to have it.

Later I was looking in the women's clothing and some embroidery caught my eye. I ended up spending $3 on this.
Technically I think it's a muumuu, it's from Vermont Country Store. I wasn't sure if I was getting this for myself or for the shop. What do you think? Cute or totally old granny frumpy? I thought maybe with my platform shoes, great jewelry and the hair did it might look cute but maybe I'm crazy.

What did you find this week, linky up and let me know. Be sure to check out Katie Jean and see what she found this week.


Kiley said...

super sweet all that that what it's called?!

Anonymous said...

The shirt has tons of potential. I would hem it to mid thigh using some iron on hem tape, and add a skinny red, yellow or orange belt at the waist. Legging, big earrings and fun are set!

Vesuvian Woman said...

Too muumuu! You'd have to wear a platformed espadrille OR some other sandal that ties- even better if it goes up your leg.

Your hair would have to be big: down and big, or teased up-do big.

Mani-pedi and serious gloss to keep it current. Even with all that, it's still a muumuu. Mrs. Roper wears muumuus.


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