Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Pied Piper

Today I noticed that through Google I have 102 followers! Call me crazy, but I was definitely excited about that. See, I have been blogging for a LONG time! For years the only people that read were friends and family. Then I started getting some lovin from strangers and slowly but surely the blog traffic started to come. I have quite a few email subscribers, but seeing the Google number over the 100's seems like reason to celebrate!

I wanted to do something fun for you. Give you something that is important to me, but isn't going to break my bank. I decided to go with music. I've actually been wanting to do this for a while so I thought this was as good a time as any. I LOVE music. I always have. I learned to talk by singing. I wanted to name my first dog Barry Manilow. I thought I would marry Eddie Rabbit. I had a serious record collection before the age of 5 and would spend tons of time spinning vinyl in my room. I remember the lyrics to songs after about 2 listens if I like the some, and sometimes even when I don't. I used to sing with the piano player at a local restaurant when I was a kid and I was certain I would be a star. Songs take me to certain times of my life. They are full of memories filled with laughter and sometimes tears. Songs can stop me in my tracks like nothing else.

That said, let's have a little giveaway! I'd like to give you my favorite tunes of all time. It might be one disc, it might be two...this is going to take some serious thought on my part. To enter, just leave a comment on the blog (no Facebook comments will be counted) and let me know how long you have been reading Pill's Place. Make sure I have a way to contact you if you win! For an extra entry, let me know what your favorite song is! Deadline to enter is Sunday at 12pm PST and I will announce TWO winners shortly thereafter. Winners will each get a disc(s) of my favorite music and some Pill's Place surprise goodies!

Happy entering!


Jill Weaver said...

This will be fun! You have amazing taste in music, that would be one fantastic cd or 2! Uh, not sure how long I have been following...a year? Longer? Before you were pregnant with Leyton.

Angel said...

Gosh, I think I've been following Pill's Place for a few years now. I started when you mentioned your poetry Sundays :)

Rain said...

Hmmm....I think I've been following your blog for about 3-4years now! I loooove music too! It's so hard for me to think of one favorite song! I love a little bit of everything. But especially rock, indie, punk, alternative! ;)

kenny said...

probably a yearish.... not sure my fav song but The THe's This is the Day is fantastic

Duffy said...

Ok Stacey! I'm behind on your blog....seeing as my life is kinda hectic with babies,etc. etc., BUT I still manage to back track and read every single post you have. And I have been doing it LITERALLY since the beginning!!! How many people can say THAT? =)
Now....I see I've missed the cut-off for the cds, but I may feel compelled to beg you to just hook me up!! I'm a HUGE music fan, but have been falling behind in my world of music every since I had Kate 4 years ago. I could use some serious good taste!
I'm also going to throw in there that I've won two of your contests years ago, and never actually got my can I cash in on this one? =D
Oh, and my favorite song? Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding or Adagio for Strings by Barbar or Politik by Coldplay or Wildflowers by Tom Petty or Ray of Light by tastes vary!


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